Steel Fork Pheasants members will enjoy the hunting experience with access to natural habitat that is found for pheasant, quail and chukar. We can set the birds in groups or individually to give the experience found in the wild. The different terrain settings allow you and your sporting dog to maximize the excitement of the hunt utilizing 3000+ acres. All hunts are conducted as full day unless you specify otherwise. When you phone for your reservations you will be asked the terrain, and bird setting options you wish to hunt. Quail and chukar are available year round for dog training; this will be our Bird Dog Specials.
We are committed to creating a hunting environment that all levels of hunters may enjoy. The birds offered at Steel Fork are pheasant, (Ringneck, Manchurian & Black), Bobwhite Quail, and chukar. While waiting for birds to be released for your hunt in the morning, hunters will enjoy complimentary coffee and danish. Lunch is available for an additional fee.



Planted Grain Fields

Each of the three 40+ acres located just east of the Main House consist of flat easy to navigate areas. This property is specially planted each July and strip set for your hunting pleasure. Because these areas are different each season you will never tire of hunting Steel Fork!

Trees with Grain Fields

Three banks of trees seen from Highway 94 run for an uninterrupted full half-mile. Birds sit well under the trees in these two parcels of 40 acres each. This is a great place to work your dog with quail or chukar and a recommended area for instructing children in the art of the hunt.

Fence Lines

For the lone hunter wishing to work with or without a dog we have two very popular areas. Need for quiet contemplation while enjoying the sport can be met on either of these ½ mile and ¾ mile fence lines. Lush weed growth provides great cover while the open space on either side of the fence holds the birds for the benefit of single person hunting.

Trees with Grassland

Trees cover this 65 acre area dense with knee high weeds and grasses. High excitement is created for both dogs and multiple hunters as the trees allow for the birds to hold extremely well.

Planted Terraces

These 80 acre sections have been planted with milo, a feed that reaches a height of 18-24 inches. In addition, trees and shrubs are being planted to increase the exhilaration of your hunt!


At Steel Fork there is never a dull moment and never the same hunt! Three vast areas of CRP provide great adventure and challenge. Each area varies by design and content of terrain and vegetation. In just one of the areas you can experience an entire day of high quality hunting in a 400+ acre parcel deep with lush grassland and containing three banks of trees running for a continues ¾ mile. Two additional areas of 320 acres each run parallel to each other and are dense with 18-24 inch high red grass and shrubs. Trees on the eastern side of these areas increase the excitement of the hunt.

Yucca with Pasture

We make available four of our 320+ acre summer pastures. The holding ability of the dense yucca in these vast pastures makes for a most enjoyable quail, chukar and pheasant hunt. This area is fantastic to work and track the potential of hunting dogs.

Dry Creek Bottom

Both Mother Nature and the avid hunter marvel at the area we have created just for your hunting experience. Can we improve on nature? We know what you want and we have designed it! A “natural” creek bottom environment, complete with trees, shrubs, feed plots and “fallen trees” strategically placed to create a hunting area great for group hunting or dog training!

Cottonwood Trees and CRP

Steel Fork Pheasants will continue to contract new areas for our most important client – YOU! We will show our appreciation for your dedication to the sport by using our imagination and hard work to “make the hunt” a rewarding experience each time you visit Steel Fork. Look for expansion with each new hunting season.

Alfalfa and Red CRP

A man made pond will be the focal point in this 20+ acres of alfalfa, red grass and CRP grasses.


If you have your own dogs to hunt with that’s great! If you don’t we can supply a guide with dog. We ask that you tip the guide $35.00 per hunter for his and his dog’s time. Please contact us 48 hours in advance for a guide as we must make these arrangements.
We know that a great tool for the hunter is his dog. At Steel Fork we have a great quantity of quail available year round for hunting and we welcome your best friend! At Steel Fork the conditions can be designed to fit your needs for sporting dog training. We direct the hunter looking for the challenge of a bird capable of swift flight toward the chukar. This species is distinctive with beautiful coloring and the ability to accelerate into the air.



Orange headgear and protective eye-wear is required when hunting.

Orange vests, hats and protective eye-wear will be on hand for purchase for those who forget to bring their own.

All dogs must be leashed or kenneled when not hunting.

Release forms must be signed before entering hunting areas.